dinogyu’s follow forever <3 (Christmas Edition!)

It’s almost Christmas so… I felt like doing my first follow forever! I’m just too lazy to put everything in categories OTL but most of them are kpop related or mixed with other things~ but they all have something in common and it’s that they are a WORTH follow for everybody. Trust me, you should take a look :>

random-ayaladyse7en | grandpa-bunny | gireum | vee-woo | cheeky-dollinfinitblaqoh-may-cute-dinocherishandremember

infinite-shicompudescamso3000oppathesupermanmrs-kim-myung-soonambeardreamt-a-beautiful-dreamnambrowsjjinglewoos | jangnamublowmejae | bapsturbation

petatotscarolinazombiegyuirylaynicornsinspiritjenipeolalalalagahitandyinspirit | npink | pinipinidonwoosbby | dancingdragon | minaok

lkims | bangdinowoonollyolly | fangirlgoddess | taroppa | baekyeols | dapreciousdino | dongbangaktf533 | unbreakablehappiness | triumph-spoons

namkitten | phaagyu | sunggyuswife | chuwiwoo | dejunpanda | ninichu | dinosoor | pitdae | keysexuality | kim-taeyeons

woosaur | sungtothejong | namstars | gyucakes | mazelife99 | wootang | nana1-3 | sphinx-mango11 | buttwoo | perf-ectdee 

jonwoo | whispering-melodies | masked-kitty | adorable-dongwoo | jaywalkiing | kennny88 | chunsaaa | gyutastic | gyugyu-ish | hoyasumi 

stardustfadingaway | quirkyinspirit | silenced-rain | derpyeolol | dongwoosjingleballs | kasiany | kelpiestark | koreanssi | michyeogaaa

justaprimaspirit | leeseongyeols | outspokenagain | kuroidaiyamondo | minbun | pantygyu

woonamia | shiroispicaa | blackinspirit | miyunah |dongwoobutt | memoriesarebeautifull

Thanks to you all for make my dashboard this lively and full of interesting things. Thank you to those who talk with me often and are building a great friendship and, for those who I don’t talk to (but I hope to change that in the future!) thanks for having these amazing blogs!

and sorry for the image, I didn’t have time to make a decent graphic and I suck a it anyway… /sigh/ Yeollie for you all!

I wish you all the best for this holidays~ Merry Christmas! ♥

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    HOW DID I MISS THIS?! ;A; Omo, thank youuuuu~
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    Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you spend some nice days with your family. :) It was kind of unexpected but thank you...
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